Airplane Simulation Games

Advances in Airplane Simulation Games Have Brought About A Higher Degree of Realism

Airplane Simulation GamesAirplane simulation games open the sky to players of all ages, providing a full range of aviation aircraft. Flight simulation hobbyists have experienced tremendous technical advances, which has only brought about more demand from an ever increasing population of flight enthusiasts. Today’s simulation games offer real world mapping and terrain, as well as, a wide variety of options, such as; customization, weather, time of day or night, and flying out of any of the worlds major airports. PC games are more specialized than others and can be more expensive, however, they offer the best in terms of realism and control.

Real World Mapping and Flight Simulator Games

mappingHuge advances in flight simulation have come from the US Department of Defense Mapping Agency. Now you can use your flight simulator to view any place in the world and the terrain below will actually represent real world mapping. Want to see what the coast line of Italy? No problem,just start your flight from one of Italy’s airports and head for the coast line. You can pick out points of interest, and when your ready to actually visit the area, you’ll know exactly where to head.

Customization  and Your Combat Flight Simulator

Airplane Sim Games You can create your own graphics including: terrain, airports, or even airplanes. The graphics and customization are only as limited as your imagination. Just imagine yourself in this F-35 Lightning II cockpit. All of the instrument panels would be true to life and the flight controls would respond to you so that you are in complete control. Or, if you want, you could create your own plane, airport, and terrain to suit your individual style.

Weather Simulation

weather simulation 2If Flying with perfect weather at dawn is just not a challenge anymore, why not add another dimension and watch your plane soar through; wind, rain, snow or even lightning. You have the control to choose this, or for added realism, why not use real life data? I use a simulator game that can calculate your nearest airport and fetch the current METAR for that station from the NOAA weather service. The atmosphere parameters calculated are: temperature, dew point, pressure density, wind (three dimensional) and visibility. How about that for realism!

The Future:

JumpingI feel like a kid when it comes to flight simulation.¬† Because, I just feel giddy when I start thinking about what the future will bring.¬† Today’s game systems already provide, real world mapping, true to life weather conditions, hundreds of aircraft to choose from , and all the options to customize everything from the plane to the terrain. My expectations are high, and as chip technology increases, I am certain the graphics and realism will come one step closer to the feeling the rush of flying your own aircraft.

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